We are all witness to a cult that this singer and songwriter created and maintained for over four decades, challenging the core belief of rock music, fashion and public opinion of its day; but what makes him deserving of the best dressed title? 
David Bowie’s daring style choices had our undivided attention ever since we laid our eyes on Ziggy Stardust, Aladdine Sane and many more but so did the appearance of Queen Elizabeth I, Duchess of Devonshire and Georgina Cavendish. It is Davie Bowie however who won the title with 48.5 percent of the votes.
We have seen Bowie through the 60’s and the embroidered short-sleeved jacket, the one legged knitted stage suit, the well dressed Thin White Duke and other outings of perplexing personalities all of which had many not believing what they were seeing.
If you are a hard fan of David Bowie then you know there was nothing predictable about his style. In fact, he just might as well serve as the encyclopaedia example for artful reinvention, fashion being his tool for channelling individuality, morality and much more. Can we then put it all down to an impressive ensemble of stage attire or is it that David Bowie was brilliant at seizing our attention creatively and repeatedly shaking us down to our core; staggeringly at ease when hopping out of one outfit and into another (completely different then the previous) and still managing to swim on top? You might argue he surpassed other candidates on the list by taking his public stunts extremely seriously but when you consider the likes of Beau Brummell, who is said to have spent 6 hours a day getting ready, it’s hard not to look for the rub elsewhere.
Bowie’s advantage point seems to be the alchemy up his sleeve, all the different ways he would swim against the current and make us all want to tag along. We could ask whether he is the voice that speaks to a rebel we carry inside; an urge we foster that’s repeatedly refusing to follow suit. This notion could justify a lot more including why so many are lining up to see what stage shocking stunt (though hardly as artistically well contemplated) is Miley Cyrus going to pull off next. There is little doubt left we should be looking not at playing dress up but at the intellectual depth of the wearer.
Bowie’s ways of painting mental pictures in our minds by looks only seems to be what got all the green buttons to light up this time round.

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