Nina is a ballerina

Sweet, floral fumes formed in my mind instantly, a notion of softness. I though the L’ Air du Temps would add a nice feel to the occasion and I brought my nostrils closer to the bottle for a sniff. As I sat in my armchair, tucked in and ready to see Nina Ricci’s latest catwalk show, with a two piano concert recording raging in the background, I grew more and more intrigued by the minute.

Copping’s task is never an easy one and the fact Peter is the house’s fifth head designer in last 10 years must not be a pressure relieving fact. It’s seems however, nothing can dampen his spirits. True to the house’s legacy and as expected, a line inspired by a 70’s campaign by Ricci proved to be yet again a very feminine line with a touch of casual, evoking the concept of a distinctly lady like ballerina, reluctant to part with her exercise wear and opting for skirt suits with a pair of extra sleeves attached to the neckline or a pair of quilted sweatpants. The line`s accessories are entirely in accordance with Peter’s own belief, that they should never be awarded the protagonist role but rather be seen as an extension of the clothing line.

When we think Nina Ricci , we think of a fragile damsel with her long curls caressing the back of her silk, floor sweeping dress and there she was, treading the catwalk just as before  this time though, dressed for a cocktail. Draped in soft, hem falling slightly over the knee, silk pencil skirt and hair gently tied by a headband she is...
        ´´Sexy but not vulgar´´ in designer's own words...and never perfect.

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