Get it while it's hot!

Martin Maison Margiela collaboration with H&M is finally out of the bag and even an non-expert eye can see this Swedish company is about to get a dose of wacky tailoring. Oversized coats and mirror reflection tights are just some of the pieces featured in the campaign photos and all seems very much what fans of MMM would expect.

However, avant-garde dress up is not exactly what shoppers at H&M are looking for when they waltz through the door, undoubtedly why putting these two houses together will be a memorable fashion moment. Sounds exciting? How does one not get excited about pieces from an individual whose virtuosity enabled him to redesign an old wig or a canvas by hand? Even though Martin left the house in 2009, the current team of designers is doing an incredible job staying true to the original values.

When you head to H&M stores on the 15th, expect clothing and accessories for both men and women, collections being available in 230 stores worldwide plus online. Set up my alarm clock for very early hours and get ready for some rough and tough browsing and you just might not miss out on a piece of the wacky Martin for H&M world!

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