Sweet Dreams

I had a dream. I’ve had this dream, only without the street edge...

Designer of choice for supermodels and fashion insiders, Mr. Alexander Wang is too brilliant to put into words. Recently I had the chance to lay my greedy little fingers on the Noemi Combat Booties, and I’m quite aware now, peace is something I’m not likely to have again. The shop assistant caught a glimpse of the expression on my face while I was in a daze and I could swear she was able to pin point the exact moment my heart made a twitching sound and broke in two. I looked over my shoulder and saw her smile. She too heard when they whispered softly to me:

´´Hi stranger, we are open toe ankle booties; we are made of lizard print leather. Wear us and be seen as you embrace the inner warrior¨.

It wasn’t until a month or so later that I went back to the same store but this time I was on a mission. The summer 30% off had arrived and I’ve done my homework. Not a single designer item in the store was on display that I didn’t know about and who’s inside pockets and shoe soles I hadn’t eyed. With the price tags so wisely tucked in it was no picnic.I was examining one of my favorite booties closely, when I heard a male voice from behind me utter: ¨It’s Alexander Wang¨ and judging by the way he’s smirk slowly evolved into a big smile I must have made quite a spectacle of myself. My eyes widened and my head tilted to one side. ¨Yes, the Noemi Combat Botties and I would like to try them on¨ I muttered slowly in an attempt to ease the tension, undoubtedly coming from my end. Try them on I did, in size 40. ¨Size 40 is all we have left¨ is not what you wish to hear when your size is 39. Understandably, I was crushed. A designer goodie that does not fit you perfectly, is a disaster.
As you can guess, my favourite boots stayed in the store that day but I found comfort in knowing that the chase had just begun...

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