The Messenger

She, the princess in shining armour looked down upon the messenger from a high horse. He came bearing gifts for all her villagers and asked only that he be allowed so humbly to keep the Miu Miu, calf, leather, satchel bag he carried them in. It is but a mere trifle and let it not be of any dispute, for the bag is worthless he vows and who would want such an ugly thing. Off he rode into the sunset disappeared into the far, when, before the night had set and lady darkness had her reign, a rumour came to town.

One of calf leather made 
Satchel, 6 letters on its forehead bears, 
All that lives and breathes shall not seize to amaze 

With a new dawn a new day came and with weary eyes I open my white electronic notebook. It is in fair Milan in 1913 where we lay our scene and the actors of our stage go by the name of Prada. A term Ugly Chic, you are likely often to hear, coined to describe the art and design of this fashion house. It stands for a toned down sexuality that breads elegance plus practicality and women that ooze sex appeal in their comfortable working outfits. Some do not agree and judge it harshly and unfairly so; for it lacks lively colours they say and favours not a curvy figure.

At Prada, whether some like it or not, resides a deeper understanding of how ladies feel now. Garments remain symbols of the newborn independence, strength and power and remind us of the prevailing spirit in 90’s fashion that few could but embrace. Dare we to think there should be no flamboyance in our style, that femme fatal is just as fatal in a subtle dress and just as luxurious? We do, for what used to be small shop that sold leather goods expended to over 250 boutiques worldwide that bear its name and offer not only leather accessories but ready-to wear, shoes, luggage and more.

Fear not if Prada is not quite your cup of tea for she does have a sister too and a sassy one that knows how to party, as Cintra Wilson likes to call the high fashion brand from this fashion house. If you like a nice bow Miu Miu is the way to go. There is no trace of minimalism or simplicity at Miu Miu but a style more akin to a younger spirit, one less burdened by experience, not as wise in decision making, experimental, fun, careless and pretty. Just take a peek at the exhibit nÂș A if you’re not convinced.

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