Casual Friday

Casual Friday had arrived and I decided to dress for the occasion. I snatched my light, flat, ankle boots off my shoe shelf and with a few swift movements paired it up with a little black dress, brand new HOPE bag and whala, the mood for my article was set. I ran down the stairs to fix up a quick bite to eat before I head for work when a dangerous notion began creeping in. ‘What if?’ What If I dare put on my Alexander Wang Freja Booties and wear them to work!
As soon as I finished forming the idea in my mind I realized the improbability of it actually developing into reality. Those boots are too fabulous for me to allow them to be misunderstood and labelled as ‘inappropriate’ or what not, as would surely be the case. ‘The ground they thread on is not fit for boots like that!’ I I had to shun such ridiculous comments and slammed the door behind me as I left home. The angriness subsided gradually and I was reminded I am after all going to place of work and one must not quarrel with one’s bread and butter!
If you haven’t heard of him yet I shall not keep you waiting any longer. You may know him as theWunderkind or the Coolest Kid in Manhattan, as some like to refer to a San Francisco born and raised young designer who’s list of fans is an ever growing one. At the age of 18 Alexander moved to New York to study design and it didn’t take long for the fashion tongues to start wagging. You would think it takes more then a freshmen year to start up your own business but apparently not if your name is Alexander Wang. This normally being the time period that, as Kate Finnigan says ‘takes most young hopefuls to decide they should probably get round to sewing something’
What attracts my attention the most when it comes to this young designer, apart from the ‘model off duty ‘look, the androgynous skinny girl in masculine and rather oversized clothes is, as Diane Von Furstenberg so nicely puts upon visiting his show room, that ‘every piece is strong, has a point of view, a reason to be’. 

Those looking for glamorous designs in the traditional sense will need to look elsewhere. His designs glorify the casual, everyday style and as many would agree, they redefine once more the meaning of glamour.
I wondered how it all started. In 2008 Alexander won the prestigious CFDA fashion award and with it a hefty sum of 200.000 dollar’s to start a new business. When Alexander talks about his business, now worth 15 million, he talks about family. His business is almost entirely family owned, adding to it their unconditional support from the very beginning. In an interview with Vun Futstenberg he talks about how his mother used to bring flowers home and urge him to draw something for her. Today she too takes part in his business and is according to him one of his 3 fairy godmothers right next to Diane Von Furstenberg and Anna Vintour.

It all boils down to magic. In the sea of new talented designers there are so many fascinating pieces it‘s easy to get lost. If you are lucky you might stumble upon a pair of Wang booties such as the one’s I’ll leave you with today, that ignite a certain light, leave you breathless and before you can come to your senses and reach for your credit card, they have been quietly sold out...

Sania Cuk

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